• How long does it take to see results?
    It depends how much time do you put in the tasks that reach your goals.
    Some new investors can buy their first investment property within 90 days.
    Some will buy their first investment property in 6 months. 

  • Do I have to be a landlord?
    No.  You can hire a professional property manager to manage your property for you so you can focus on your work or time to find your next investment property.

  • Do I have a lot of money to invest in real estate?
    No.  When you have income and credit you can borrow from traditional lenders or banks.
    If you do not have income or good credit, then you have to look into other creative financing like private money lenders, hard money lenders or JV (Joint Venture Partners.

  • What if I don’t have much time to spend on it right now?
    This is something that I can't help when you do not have time.  You have to learn about this business and how to analyze a real estate investment. Real estate investment is a long term game so it does need your time to make things happen at the beginning.  You do not want to hand your money to others when you do not understand about the investment.  It's very risky and I highly suggest not to invest at all when you do not understand how the investment works or what return do you get on your money. 
    Eventually, once you know about real estate business and how all the parts fit in together, then you can delegate certain tasks to other professional business partners.   You then will spend less time, but in the beginning of any real estate strategy that you decide to pursue, it does requires your learning upfront to make it works. 

  • Will it be a good fit for me?
    Absolutely.  Real estate investment is a great tool that allow any one to learn at any level.  Some people starts out with little money and slowly build up their real estate portfolio overtime.   
    It will require your commitment and focus like any other businesses.  You will be glad that you learn.  Think about what other financial tool that can help you to accumulate a 7 figure net egg in your golden years? 
    Real Estate Investing has done a lot to many other people.   It does take planning, but it's worth it when you are able to cut down 20+ working years. 

  • Is it difficult to learn?
    No, I make this course to be simple so you can follow and implement right away.   I use a lot of actual case studies and free tools so you can analyze any real estate deals in any market whether it makes financial sense before investing. 

  • Is true that you can create a stream of passive income while holding your 9-5 Job? 
    Yes. Do keep in mind. Investing in real estate is a marathon.  Therefore a stream of passive income will not happen over night.    It take planning and action from your part.   When you do your part consistently, you can create a stream of passive income to serve your lifestyle.  Some of you may take 7 years, some of you may take 10 years and some of you may take 13 years.   You have the knowledge and power to make things happen as you work your plan.