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What is real estate passive income investment?

Real estate passive income investment is the process of acquiring rental properties that creates a monthly positive cash flow, that will exceed your current corporate job salary. Once you follow the proven processes and systems of buying one positive cash flow rental at a time and growing those investments into a successful real estate investment business, you will no longer need to trade time for money. You can build a passive income real estate investing business while working a full-time job. The key is education. Real estate passive income investors must invest the time and acquire the knowledge upfront to learn about the business. Let’s discuss the facts and plan a realistic expectations for this business.

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I am Korianne Mar, creator of this website. If you desire to build a passive income though smart buy and hold real estate investment strategy to create financial independence and wealth for years to come but don't know where to start, this page is for you.

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My vision in helping you to learn is simple: I will share the truth, make commitment, work hard and walk the talk. That's what my vision is all about for this website to help ordinary people like myself to achieve the same so you can have shorter working years in your life to do things that matter and important to you.

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You can be a successful investor and still be able to live a well balance life by following the proven process and systems that I have implemented though out the last 19 years while earning consistent 6 figure passive income yearly though smart buy and hold income producing properties.

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