This page is for you if you are looking to:

  • Diversify your stock/mutual fund/bond investment, and want to add real estate as a vehicle for diversification.
  • Add additional passive rental income to the salary from your day job.
  • Create a stream of income that will continue even after you retire, or
  • Shorten your years of working (I was able to create financially independent in 8 years through real estate passive income investment and also created a sustainable retirement accounts in my mid 30s).  Some of my real estate friends was able to create financial independent in 5 years or less.    All you need is a strong desire to make a change, make a plan and learn about this business well.  I strongly believe that you can reach the financial future .

Purchasing your first rental property can get you started on a journey toward financial independence, wealth, and personal lifestyle freedom.  If you start this journey with a road map, you can reap the benefit of the cash flow from your rental property and begin to create a legacy of real estate passive income.

The First Steps towards Financial Independence

You have already taken the first step by visiting my website.  You are only limited by the time you put into learning this business.

  1. Learn as much about this business before making an informed decision to buy your first real estate rental property. My book will provide you with the fundamental elements and crucial  knowledge.
  2. Make time to attend local real estate investment clubs in your hometown. You can build your professional network and share knowledge with like-minded real estate investors.   You will learn faster through others sharing their experiences.


I estimate that you can buy your first rental in 60-90 days if you are committed and take full advantage of the resources I have to offer.

How to Get Started

Here are the steps for you to follow:

  1. Take sometimes to plan for your financial goals:
    – Where are you with your assets/savings/stock, bond, mutual fund investments?
    – How much do you have or want to invest in real estate?
  2. Research and select a right real estate market to invest.
  3. Build a strong professional real estate team for your purchase (Real Estate agents, Banker, Mortgage broker, Property management company, Service providers, Real Estate attorney,  Real Estate CPA, Title company.
  4. Find the right financing for your rental.
  5. Buy your first rental that produces long-term consistent cash flow.
  6. Find a good property manager if you choose not to manage the rental yourself.
  7. Find a good tenant for your rental property.
  8. Collect rent check.

I will cover each of these steps at various places on this website.  If you so choose, you’re welcome to purchase my book as a reference guide.   I am committed to donating 10% of the royalties earned from Property:  Master the Wealth to charities that helps less fortunate children and families in the rural  areas and third-world countries.  Thank you for making this world a better place for a lot of people who do not have the same opportunities like we do.  I posted some pictures of my recent charity trip on March 2017 on my Instagram account


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