Freedom – Time-Adventure – Impact as a Real Estate Investor

Once you create a profitable passive income real estate investment, you will have the time freedom to focus on things that matter. Whether it is a focus on maintaining good health, better family relationships, exploring through travel, impacting the world for the better by sharing your specialized knowledge or donate your time and money to charities. Whatever is purposeful life means to you on this earth? Write it down and go after it.

Active Income: The Restrictions of the Corporate World

When I worked in the corporate world, there was no financial security or freedom.   I could not focus on things that mattered to me.  My corporate job controlled how much time and energy I could give to my true interests.  Because I was only given two weeks of vacation a year, I could not go for three weeks to visit my father in Vietnam.  When you work for others there is no true security.  Sometimes, it is not your fault or lack the performance, but an economic downturn.  Like my last company ran out of funding, and it closed its door.

Restrictions of a New Active Income Business Venture

I built a successful mortgage company but sacrificed time freedom to do because I traded my time for money. I worked 12-14 hours a day. I made a good income, but I had less time with my children or to do things that I love. The more time I put on the business, the more income that I made. As soon as I stopped working, I stopped generating income. In the mortgage business, I missed five years raising my 1st son because I worked long hours and by the time I got home, he was already in bed. I had flexible hours, but I still was tied to my active income.


Freedom with Real Estate Passive Income

I do put my time and effort upfront to acquire the right investment, but I can work around my children’s schedules, and I have full control of my time. Once I acquire and prepare the right rental, I turn it over to the local property manager to manage. Then the passive income begins to work for me; I receive the monthly cash flow as long as I own the property. Passive income from my real estate investment is working as the clockwork. The most time and effort that I put into each project are between 1-2 months depending on how much work is required to prepare the property for rent. During these 1-2 months, I will invest a maximum of 5-10 hours per week for each new project.

Discover a Truly Flexible Lifestyle with Real Estate Passive Income

I started out by having one cash flow rental property and grew it into 45 rental properties while I had my mortgage business (get a FREE chapter) .   By 2008, this business provided a profitable passive income that I no longer traded my time for money.  I found my purposeful life that I have more time with my sons focusing on my health, family relationship, world travels and making a difference for others who may be less fortunate.   However, I already built a solid, profitable rental portfolio, but still, buy and sell when the investment makes financial sense.

Decide what you want out of this real estate business.
Know your purpose so it can guide you to the end.
Commit to doing whatever it takes to learn in your free time and to buy your first rental.
Succeed – You will succeed when you follow the process and system from my book. 

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