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Beyond Real Estate Investing

I grew my business from a single rental to a six-figure passive income business building a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio over a period of almost eight years.  My story began from humble beginnings and required years of learning and trial and error.  I built a successful business over the course of many years.   I share my real estate investing story in my recent the bestselling books,  “Property: Master the Wealth and “Master of Success” co-authored with Brian Tracey, and information on I’m happy to share all I’ve invested in my personal growth condensed and applied to you, the future real estate investor.

Building the Foundation of an Entrepreneur

My story began in Vietnam. Although I was raised by a strict father in a traditional household, I had an entrepreneurial spirit.   As a budding entrepreneur and whole-hearted believer in the American Dream, I left Vietnam in my early teens.  I knew that it was not going to be a simple thing to achieve, and I was willing to work hard for a well-balanced life.  I worked two jobs to put myself through college and three jobs during summer time,  graduate with a double major and no student debt. Since there was nothing holding me back, I launched into the corporate career that laid the foundation for my success.


Leaving Behind a Corporate Career

After college, I continued to chase the American Dream through positions with multiple high-tech companies.  Earning a six-figure salary in the fast-paced corporate world, I thought I had achieved my American Dream.  Until my employer ran out of funding and closed their doors, suddenly I was out of a job.  Losing this job turned out to be the best thing that happened to my career.  It reignited my entrepreneurial spirit and I began the search for something more.  A career that I controlled, one that afforded more time with my family, time to travel and appreciate life.  Losing this job began my journey into the world of real estate.

A New Venture in the World of Real Estate

Founding my own company became my new American Dream.  I founded my own mortgage company after a rigorous training with a mortgage broker of 35-years.  My mortgage company closed $250 Million in loans while I built the foundation of my real estate investment business.  Why I decided to invest in real estate and the 5 keys benefit behind it.

Welcome to Real Estate Investing

Though my career in real estate investing began with one simple property it took a long journey of successes and failures to get where I am today.  In the past 2 decades, I have bought and sold over hundred rental properties and analyzed thousands more; some projects were successful, others not.  I spent over $60,000 on my real estate education since 2001; many courses did not deliver on their promises.  Although I wasted time and resources on training classes, I was lucky to work under the tutelage of two amazing mentors.   In the summer of 2015, while enjoying a trip with my family I was sparked by the desire to share my life’s work with others.

Paying It Forward: Earn thousands in Passive Income with Real Estate Investing

This site as well as “Property: Master the Wealth” detail my story and surround my new passion.  My new focus is teaching others the lessons I’ve learned all to help others gain financial freedom through real estate investments.  I’ve built processes and systems to help others succeed like I have in real estate investing through years of testing and trial and error.  Explore this website or any of my books to learn more about my processes and systems to build your personal success.

What the real estate passive income business have offered me since 2009. A well balance happy healthy life! I like spending time with my family travelling around the world 3-4 times a year.  I have traveled with my sons to visit 50+ countries around the world and hope to travel more to accumulate more happy memories before my oldest son reach his 18 year old.   I am an avid fitness fanatic, loves outdoor activities and is a consistent donor for humanity and homeless kids’ projects.

My mission is to empower 1 million women to build a real estate empire and leave a legacy!


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