Real Estate Investing for the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur-Korianne-Mar If my journey speaks to you, you have the entrepreneurial spirit.  The true entrepreneur is bold and hungry for success.  I became the entrepreneur I am today through successes and failures and trial and error.  I do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes. If you harness your entrepreneurial spirit to learn your business you can reach your full potential.  Just be prepared that the first few years will be the hardest.  Preservice, persistence, focus and commitment will pull you thorough.  Everything that is worthwhile having does take time and patience.

Learn to Reach your Potential

Many people see entrepreneurs as bold and courageous, and they are.  However, I believe there needs to be a foundation of knowledge before launching forward into your dream career. There are websites, certifications, and classes everywhere, finding the right knowledge is the key to success.  When I set out on my entrepreneurial journey I invested $60,000 + in classes and training.  I left these classes with little new skills or knowledge, feeling foolish.  But my dreams were so big that I did not stop searching for the right education and knowledge.  I have always been an advocate of learning and a desire for growth.   Eventually, along my entrepreneur journey,  I found a mentor with 25 years of experience who had the time to guide me through the business.  My books and this website is my way of paying forward to the next wave of successful real estate investors.

Korianne Mar: Your Mentor

I’ve built processes and systems to help others succeed, as I have, in real estate investing through years of trial and error.  I will share with you all the facts and lessons I have learned in the last 16 years.  You too can successfully harness your entrepreneurial spirit and accomplished your dream.   I was able to build a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio over a period of eight years, and my goal is to help YOU do the same.

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I recently got layoff and starting to learn to earn money from home. Tired of working for other people and got push around a few time layoffs. Is real estate investment a right path to create financial freedom?
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Korianne Mar

DM, I am so sorry for what happened to you. I knew how it feels. I was there as well as my last company that I worked for ran out of money and it closed its door. I'd like to share with you that it was the best thing happened in my career. I learnt that there're a lot of opportunities that I can create becaue when I was busy working at a corporate job, I did not have much time to explore my options. I thought 9-5 is the only way that creates a secured financial future for me and my loved ones, but after working for in the corp job for 3 years and being entrepreneur or investor for the past 16 years, I can achieve financial independence much sooner through being investor or business owner than working at the 9-5 job. I found it was much easier for me to have an active income to fuel my real estate investments. I keep the active income as business owner until my passive income from real estate exceeds my active income and then I can decide to keep both field or just one. There're so many strategies that you can do in real estate. I highly recommend to keep learning about this business and scale it up to meet your FREEDOM number (income pay for all your expenses ). You must know what real estate strategy that fits you best. Wholesale, Fix & Flip or Buy and hold strategy to get passive income now and create wealth for years to come.
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