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There are many different types of real estate investment.  I am a residential real estate investor with a buy and hold income producing strategy.  My buy and hold income producing strategy has created financial independence for my family since 2008.

Buy and Hold Real Estate Investment

There is no traditional profile for a buy and hold real estate investor; they can be from many different situations.  A buy and hold investor could be:

  • An individual who is working at their current job, but have money to diversify their finance beyond traditional stock and bond investments.
  • A high-income earner individuals would like to own rental property for tax advantages and build their wealth.
  • A professional individual like to build a passive real estate income that eventually replaces their ordinary income so they can quit their job or retire from a corporate job.

All of these different types of people can build a real estate portfolio that effectively generates passive income. Many buy and hold real estate investors chose to have their income producing properties managed by local professional property managers.    Dedicating their time to growing their rental business and finding the RIGHT rental projects that consistently produces monthly cash flow after cover for all the expenses and management service fee.

Other Types of Real Estate Investors

Wholesale Investors: A wholesale investor has a contract with the seller, but turns the property over to another investor to earn a finder’s fee. Depending on the price of the property these fees range from  $5000-$50,000. This model works for new real estate investors who want to get their feet wet in the business but don’t have the required money to commit.

House Flipper: A house flipper, also known as a fixer-upper investor, buys a property below market value.  They then invest their money and time, into fixing the home up.  They then resell the home and collect a profit.  The profit is the sale price minus the purchase price and the cost of renovations.

Successful Real Estate Investment

To succeed in any form of real estate investing you must know your finance situations so that you can decide which one above will serve your financial goal, and what areas in the real estate investment you want to specialize in.  In my future blogs and book I will dive deep into the ins and outs of my successful buy and hold income producing real estate investor strategy.

Please leave your comment below about what is your favorite real estate strategy?

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