Tips to spend time with family as busy Entrepreneurs

“Family is not an important thing, it's everything. “by Michael J. Fox

For many of you out there who are workaholics, I am sure you know how important it is for you to spend quality time with your family and friends. In fact, spending time with people you love is the most important thing you could do in your day.

I used to work a lot of hours during the days when I started two new business.  Then my husband and I welcome a little boy into our world.  I know I want my business to be successful, but at the same time, I want to spend my quality time with our little one.  I realize family is the most important thing for me.  As an entrepreneur, I did not want a fixed schedule or having someone to report to.  However, despite working long hours building up my businesses, I have flexible hours and days.  The best thing is that you get to harvest rewards for all your effort putting into the business.   There’s no cap on how much raise in income I will get on my effort unlike working in the corporate world.

I am very grateful to create a business around my family time.

No matter how much money you are earning or how busy you are, if you are not accompanied by people you love you are wasting the gains of your profession. Over the last 17 years, I have learned how do best spend time with my family while building two multi-million companies.

Here are 4 quick proven steps that will definitely help you achieve your dreams and also enjoy your time with your family.

  1. Wake up early

When you wake up early, even if every other member of your family is busy sleeping you will have more time for yourself. More time for yourself actually means more time for your family. You will have double benefits as you will spend your distraction-free mornings and you will also be able to complete your daily routines without any hindrance or disturbance. Then give your family a chance to charm you.

  1. Learn to ignore things you don't like your family members

Generally, we are not able to spend time with people we love because we can't ignore their behaviors, expressions, talks and sometimes their attitudes. We constantly find a way to ignore them even when we know we want to spend time with them. Ignoring things, you don't like them will simply make space for spending more time with them.  Also, you are happy to accept who they are and just love them for being your loved ones.   This does not mean that you ignore them when they seek your help and advice.

  1. Walk away from things you don't like

If there is something you don't enjoy doing, say, attending dance classes that you aren't really interested in anymore, leave them. Start making space for other enjoyment instead. A simple step like walking away from things you don't like and move toward things you do like can shift your energy and help you spend more time with people you can enjoy life with.

  1. Be happy, smile a lot, let the law of attraction work for you

How can a smile help with spending more time with family? With a smile, you get work done faster. Stay happy. Make others happy. Law of Attraction says that when you focus on a subject long enough, it will bring you more of that same stuff. Concentrate on happiness, laughing, smiling, enjoying and it will bring back to you lots of stuff that's much similar. And if your family is one of that, you'll attract it without question.

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