How to set goals and achieve 99% success rate

What are goals? Goals are the desired end-result of an action or a series of action. Put simply, a goal is what you want to be, or where you want to be. Like everything else, there is no certain ‘formula’ to achieve your goals. But, if you follow some pointers, you might actually be successful in setting goals, and achieving them! Yes!

Defining what you want

Before setting out a target, make sure that it means a great deal for YOU to really achieve it. A goal must be something that pushes you, challenges you, makes you want to run more, or walk more or toil more. It must motivate you, and by extension, it must mean everything for you to reach the finish line – to actually achieve your goal. If this is not true, then you will simply give up!

Also, you want to define something has deep emotional value and you will not quit until you have that goal achieved.   Most of these goals are related to love and caring for someone other than yourself because you defined a clear purpose of why you want that goal to achieve so badly.   It’s all about the people you love, and you will always want the best for them.     If you’re a dad, you will want your family to have food on the table and not being starving or being short with resources.  If you truly love your family, then you will not want your family to suffer, you will find a way to set a big goal and to achieve it.

Set Realistic Goals

Secondly, a goal must always be ‘reachable’. If that goal is unrealistic or unachievable, it will leave you feeling deflated and defeated, when you fail. Therefore, set that goal right – know what is possible, what is achievable. Now, once that is defined and set, draw a clear plan of action and write it down. If possible, to reach that top of the ladder, define and lay small steps, small goals. It will give you a direction and meet smaller goals will ultimately mean that you will succeed – that target will be met.

Laying the road-map

Be wise while laying that plan of action – it will determine the outcome of your goal setting exercise. For example, if your plan is to have a savings of $20,000 by the end of the year and this is your goal, then allocate this to a monthly savings budget. Make a list of things that you need to do, and those that you don’t, to be able to achieve this and stick to it! Yes, this is the hardest and the most important part of the game. Once the roadmap is made, it must be followed. And this is where the ‘importance of achieving those goals’ will play a role. If the goal motivates you enough, if it pushes you enough, you will want to stick to the plan and give it all. Never give up

Be prepared to have setbacks along your way to achieve your goals.   This is very typical.   The bigger goals, you set, there are more setbacks before you can continue to move forward.  But remember not giving up.  You know setting goals allow you to get focus and also allow you to become a person you want to be.


The visualization of your end goals on your daily life is very important because you can see your future will be like when you reach your goal whether you will have better health with the high energy level in 9months when you set your goals to exercise 30-45 min a day and 4-5 times per week.

The power of positivity

It is also equally important to stay positive. As much as it may sound like just following a plan of action, it is always a game of the mind. Stay clear of those negative thoughts of not being good enough, or those around you telling you that you can’t do it.

Just keep that goal right and work towards it and you know what, you will get there!

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