How Can Real Estate Investment Fit Into Your Overall Long-Term Investment Asset Class

Real Estate Is Long-Term Investment Assset

How Can Real Estate Investment Fit Into Your Overall Long-Term Investment Asset Class

Women are cautious investors who devise long-term strategies for stable return. The question arises as to what do you consider a long-term investment class? Asset classes that correlate to the description of long-term returns are either real estate investments or shares.

Real estate investment and stocks or shares fall under two very distinct asset classes that cannot be compared easily. The ideal arrangement would be to invest in both asset classes to diversify holdings and stable returns. But, how does real estate investment tie into the long-term asset class?

Women Broke in the Real Estate Investment World

Real estate requires a hands-on approach to your returns; the ability to control how your investment turns out or how much you can invest does appeal to the female mindset. Some classic examples include the smart decision of Sharon Honholt to switch from a home inspection business to a full-time real estate investor. The reason is simple, if you lose a business you lose everything, but with real estate investment, you always have a backup plan. Your traditional ownership is not giving you the ideal returns? Your investment in REIT will. Real Estate is a basic need that everyone will need a place to live. It's also a good asset that can hedge with the inflation rate in a long run. Another mentionable story is that of McKellar Newsom who decided to dive into the world of real estate investment and ensure a long-term return. She made a calculated decision by seizing the opportunity that a collapsing real estate market provided in 2007. By 2009 she was enjoying returns from properties in three different cities and she also decided to move closer to her prime investment locations to stay on top of things. Since 2009 she has moved on to owning 27 rental investments in housing and closed over 50 real estate deals.

Karen M presents an interesting case of a woman’s intuition. She was introduced to the world of real estate through her family owned real estate developing business. Based in Orange County CA, she started her career an executive assistant in the business. During the 80’s the interest rates were not the most ideal for investment, at 21.5 %, “experts” advised against real estate investment. But she trusted her gut and got herself a license. The rest is history.

Women who have entered the real estate investment class years ago are still in the business of investing here. This goes to show that as far as long-term asset classes go real estate I the ideal place for a woman. Knowing the space, you work in and trusting your intuition can play a solid role in investment.

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